6 Ways to Transform Bare Spaces with Coasters

There are certainly more ways than one to use your coaster. Traditionally, coasters have been used as purely functional items. However, here at Coaster This our mission is to help spread God’s truth & love one coaster at a time.

They are the perfect little pieces that bring a home together, that strike up conversation when gathering and that make your home and even workspace your own. Our coasters not only inspire, encourage and motivate you as you sip on your morning coffee or tea, but also transform bare spaces around the house using your coasters as unique home decor pieces.

Here are 6 ways to transform your spaces with Coaster This coasters:

1. Dress Up Your Workspace

Your workspace doesn’t have to be dull. In fact, give it life and dress it up with motivational coasters so you can boost your productivity and creativity!

 Coaster This Easel Stand

2. Accessorize Your Night Stand, End Table or Side Table

Wake up and start your morning off on the right foot with the inspiration to take on the day!

Accessorize your night stand 

3. Decorate Your Coffee Table

Incorporate your inspirational coasters with the Rule of Three, a classic design principle that essentially means objects are better in a group of three.

   1 ) Add some life with a vase of flowers

   2) Stack coasters (or books) to add height to any decor (e.g. candle)

   3) Display your favorite scripture or inspirational quote on a coaster

Decorate your coffee table 

4. Spice Up Your Bookcase

A great alternative to the candle stacked on your books is with an inspirational coaster.

Spice up your bookcase


5. Change Up Your Mantel

The fireplace is most likely the focal point of a room. That means it's a great way to showcase art work and photos. Center your large anchor piece, whether a mirror or art piece, add some weight on the ends with vase of flowers or candle sticks and use fillers like our inspirational or even custom photo coasters.


6. Style Your Kitchen Countertop

Make your kitchen countertop decor functional and stylish with our inspirational coasters.

Style your kitchen countertop


I hope this helps you transform and style your bare spaces with our coasters. Don't forget to tag @coasterthis on social media and show us how you #coasterthis!

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