Growing Through Adversity

I know it's been a rough couple of weeks transitioning to what has become a reality for all of us, but I want to encourage you that this too shall pass. It's in these uncertain and unpredictable moments that we need to dive deep into our faith and truly make the most of especially while we're at home with our loved ones. 

To help you with this, I have partnered with my fellow small business owners, Andrea & Tara from Disciple Designs on providing you 2 faith building challenges. It is our hope and prayer that it helps you grow in your faith through these uncertain times.

Growing Through Adversity Challenges


As you're completing these challenges, be sure to snap a couple of photos. We'd love to see you in action! Don't forget to tag @coasterthis and @discipledesigns.


Sending you love, hope, peace & joy,


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