Rachel's Summer Bucket List

Why hello there, Summer! You’re finally here!

I don’t know about you friends, but Summer is definitely my favorite season! What can I say? I love being out in the sun and in the water, but the best thing about it is doing it with the people I love.

There’s just so much to love and enjoy about summer, so I wanted to start something new on the blog! Every season I will be sharing my bucket list of things to do to reconnect with family and friends, to recharge and to look back and reminisce on the memories I’ve created.

I recently went to Seattle with the family, in celebration of the life of my Grandma Ludavina (which means "Divine Light" in tagalog) also known as Lola Bing. It was bittersweet because we were mourning the loss of my grandmother, but with our family we don't consider it a loss, we celebrate - celebrate their life, their impact, their legacy. That trip was a sweet reminder to take a step back from the busy day to day things and really embrace each other, share God's love and let His "divine light" shine through each of us!

Being a small business owner isn't easy. The struggle is definitely real with wearing all the different hats from Designer to Production Manager to Social Media Strategist to Bookkeeper to Packaging Manager to CEO - the list goes on. I'm only in my 2nd year of owning this business and I want to make sure that I don't get burnt out too soon. This is why I'm creating seasonal bucket lists so that I can create more space and be more intentional with my time when I'm with family and friends.

So here's my Summer Bucket List I created so that I can wear my most important hats - wife, daughter, sister, friend!

Rachel's Summer Bucket List

Your turn, my dear! What are your plans for this summer? These were just a few ideas to spark some ideas of your own.

Get your very own Summer Bucket List Freebie that I created just for you! Be very broad or get specific - the best thing about it is that it's YOURS!

Post it on your fridge, on your office desk wall, share it on social media and don’t forget to tag us @coasterthis so we can share our summer memories together!

Now go out there, enjoy the sun and have some fun!


Yours Truly, 

Rachel Myles

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