Stay at Home Bucket List

Are you going crazy with the boredom of being stuck at home isolated from the outside world?

Well, you are right where you need to be my dear! I am here to HELP!

If you're part of my VIP Fam List, you know that bucket lists make their way to your inbox every season to help you embrace all the season has to offer...and well, isn't this quiet the season we are all in...TOGETHER!

BUT today's your lucky day, because I want you to know that I.SEE.YOU and I want to encourage and inspire you to see ALL THE OPPORTUNITIES that are right in front of you!

I've created a STAY AT HOME BUCKET LIST that we can all check off TOGETHER!

As you do each item and check off your little house boxes, will you do me the biggest favor and share it to your social media and tag me @coaserthis?

I want everyone to know that we're in this TOGETHER and that this is the TIME we've all been wanting. The question is...what are you going to do about it?

Enjoy & let's have some fun together!

Coaster This Stay at Home Bucket List

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