Coaster This Kamay Project

Something I’m very passionate about is serving and giving to others. God has given us a gift in which we are to serve others and be faithful stewards of His grace, [1 Peter 4:10] which is why it is one of our core values:


After drawing prayer circles around the families of the Ati Village, it has weighed heavily on my heart to do just coaster at a time! When you purchase from Coaster This, you are doing much more than buying a coaster. You are lending a hand to meet the needs of the Ati Village in Manoc-Manoc, Boracay, Philippines.

For those of you who you may have missed it, I spent this past holiday season (2017) in my motherland of the Philippines with my family (about 50 family members)! On my 33rd birthday, I had the privilege & honor to serve the families and children of the Ati Village, the indigenous tribe of the Boracay Island. Unfortunately, they have been discriminated against and displaced due to their lack of education and skin color. Although Boracay has benefitted from the boom of tourism, unfortunately Ati community has not, so we created The Kamay Project to provide them free dental/medical clinics and care, assisted in preparing the Mission of Love Integrated School for the upcoming year and prepared a New Year's Eve meal for them! See photos below!

Thank you Auntie Grace & Uncle Marvin for paving the way for our family to assist the Ati Village. Thank you Lord for using us to serve & letting us be a light to the children and families of the village. It was such an amazing and humbling experience I will never forget!

Our intent was to help affect the lives of the Ati Village, but it truly transformed & changed MY life!  Herme, Laura J Lynn, Renelyn, Melanie, Neesa, Jim Boi, Diego, and the rest of the children, you will always have a piece of my , which is why I am extremely happy, excited and proud that a portion of our proceeds will go towards Global Changers 
which will directly benefit the families in this community! 

Thank you for joining me on this journey, allowing me to share my gifts and dreams with you and making a difference for the Ati Village!


Learn more about the Kamay Project HERE.


Photos by McKennaBryn Photography, Michael Mogg & Yours Truly